Sunday, 22 March 2009

O2-illustration style experimenting

here i have drawn some idea for A format posters which would be in magazines and on bus shellters for example. i have experimanted with the quallity of line for the illustration used. i have developed this because the first style of illustration used, had a very simular line quality and did not show much depth therefore was not very eye catching, it looked very flat.

O2-poster/billboard ideas

after looking at designs which we have produced we have decided that we will be producing an A format poster (bus shelter poster) for the 02 mobile ideas which has an Egyptian empire theme.
we will be producing a 48 sheet design which will be a billboard, this will on O2 Internet and will on the theme of the roman empire.
we will also produce a booklet which will tell you about all the services that O2 have to offer. this booklet will be designed to fit in with the empire theme which we have created.

O2-booklet layouts

O2-booklet leaflet RESEARCH


O2-CREST colour variations

Sunday, 15 March 2009

O2-shopping list

after another crit on the project so far we have decided that we were spending to much time on the crests. so we have sat down and decided what we will be producing for the brief. the out comes will consist of making a set of posters which will promote the O2 services and we will also be making an information booklet which could be a single booklet or a set, again to promote the O2 services.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

O2- EMPIRES (Crest ideas)

BEFORE the 2nd Crit

we began to use crests as the link which joins the empire idea to the O2 services. after criting these ideas we found that the ideas of having services linking to different empires was working.however the crests that we had designed before the 2nd crits needed work done to them. as it looked like we had just copied an existing crested and an just added O2 to it. It was suggested that we start making the crests more suitable to the services, so design them in a similar style to what the empires would look like, however change some of the things on them for example rather than having a shield have a Sim card.

O2- EMPIRES (coins idea)

know we have a more focused idea we desided to start looking at how we can link the empires and O2 services together. this is so that they can work allong side each other as a set or work as a campain for O2.
we looked at useing coins from each of the empires as a way we visually link all the ideas together. however this would have giveeb us limitation in colour use, also we thought that the empire ideas was not fully potratyed through this idea.

O2- EMPIRES (Research-Ideas)

After the first crit, we found that our first ideas (the history of communication) did not come across as well as we expected. it was too confusing and didn't really work well as a set when put together. however we found that there was elements within the design sheets which were of interest. the ideas which were the strongest were the hieroglyphic idea and the simple style of illustration which we used for them. Also it was crited that the ideas behind the Homing pigeons looked like it had potential, therefore it was suggested that we could focus on the idea of empires.

After Research on empires we came up with the idea that we could specify an empire to each of the O2 services. so we desided to focus on the main three o2 servies which are O2 MOBILE/ O2INTERNET and O2INSURE. we desided to link these servics to the EGYPTION/ ROMAN and BRITISH Empires.

Friday, 6 March 2009

O2- Communication ideas

We have looked at the most important sections from the history of communication and found decided to focus in on: 3500BC-Egyptians use of hieroglyphic writing/776BC- the use of homing pigeons/1714- the patent for the first type righter/ 1835 the invention of Morse code. this will lead on to the first telephone and than the start of O2.
we have decided to get a solid ideas and concept, first and then decide on how we will be designing the work, at this stage it is certain that we will be working with print.
we have picked these sections from the history of communication ad they have good potential because all of the visual language which we can relate to them.