Monday, 4 May 2009


for the second part of my design practice i have selected three briefs which, will help me develop my understanding and skills in the areas of image making and screen printing. the final products for these briefs will also be used as the main pages in my portfolio. i have chosen three past briefs:

SECRET BLISTERS, which is a screen printing. it asks to produce a screen print, it is a very open brief so i have decided to extend it and make a series of prints. i will spend TWO WEEKS.

ELLESE, this is also a very open brief, it asks to produce a piece of art work to celebrate the 50Th anniversary of the brand, i will create a tactile exhibition piece for this which will develop my crafting skills, on this brief i will spend FOUR WEEKS.

ICA XMAS CARDS, this is a brief which asks to create image for the front of Xmas cards, so i will extend it and create images for sets of cards, which will also include designs for the insides and the envelopes. for this brief i will allow ONE WEEK.

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